Celebrating Chinese New Year? Tips For Making A Traditional Holiday Menu

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Chinese holidays are typically celebrated as families, with classic foods at the center of every gathering. If you are planning a traditional celebration for Chinese New Year, you’ll want a menu that fits the bill. Here’s a look at some of the traditional dishes that you’d find at a New Year celebration. Oranges and Tangerines The Chinese word for orange is very similar to the Chinese word for gold. As a result, oranges are often served as part of New Year celebrations to signify a wish for wealth in the coming year. In addition, the Chinese word for tangerine is similar to that of luck, making tangerines a good luck omen for your party platters. Tray of Togetherness This appetizer tray features eight compartments, which represents a lucky number in Chinese culture. Fill a Tray of Togetherness with snacks such as kumquats, coconut and red melon. These foods are traditional representations of wishes for togetherness, prosperity and happiness in the upcoming year. Jai Jai is a dish filled with sea moss, lotus seeds, Chinese black mushrooms, lily buds and noodles. This vegetarian dish is a traditional part of the menu plan because it is believed to be cleansing. Each ingredient is added as a specific representation, including the wishes for prosperity and health. Nian Gao Nian gao is a cake that has become synonymous with Chinese New Year. The name itself means year cake, and it is served to represent wishes of reaching new heights in the new year. It contains steamed seeds, nuts and red dates. The final product is a soft, steamed cake full of texture from the added ingredients. Jiaozi Dumplings Jiaozi dumplings are a classic dish in North China. The dish starts with classic dumpling dough, which is stuffed with pork and cabbage. Once the dumplings are boiled, they are served with vinegar and soy sauce. Unlike traditional dumplings, though, these are typically shaped to resemble a silver ingot. The representation of the ancient Chinese currency is intended to represent a wish for prosperity. In some traditional families, some of the dumplings are filled with a treat such as a peanut, which is meant to bring long life. Any time you are celebrating a holiday that is so deeply rooted in cultural traditions and history, you want to be sure that your event is as representative of the culture as possible. Your menu is an important part of this representation, and the tips presented here will help you to cover your tables with the traditional dishes of the holiday. If you don’t know how to make any of the dishes above but still want to celebrate, you can always visit a Chinese restaurant in your...

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Family Pizza Night On A Diet: Spices That Can Help Burn Fat & How To Get A Workout In Afterwards

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Are you sick of eating salad on family pizza night because you are on a diet? Well, you don’t have to keep punishing yourself if you incorporate fat burning spices in your meal and a good workout afterwards. In this article, you will learn about spices that can help you burn fat when eating pizza and how to get in a workout that you will enjoy. What are Spices that Can Help Burn Fat When Eating Pizza? If you want to enjoy a few slices of pizza with your family without feeling guilty, you may want to consider adding a few sprinkles of black pepper to it. There is a substance in the spice called piperine that helps to burn calories. Black pepper is an effective fat burner because it promotes a process called thermogenesis, which raises your metabolism and produces body heat that can help you lose weight. Adding extra garlic to your pizza is another way to burn fat calories. Although a clove of garlic is considered an herb, you can buy it in powdered form as a spice. A few sprinkles of it on your pizza will give you the ability to metabolize fats more effectively. How Can an Enjoyable Workout be Implemented After Eating Pizza? When you and your loved ones get home, you can insist on playing a family game that is physical. Playing hide and seek with the kids or playing volleyball in the pool (if you have one) is a great way to get a workout in without even knowing it. It is also a great way to extend family time after returning from the pizza establishment. If you are not up for playing games, you can take your dog for a walk. You can enjoy the walk on your own if you don’t own a pet, as the point is to burn calories. The calories will be burned faster if you opt for jogging or running instead of walking, and the results will increase if there are hills in your neighborhood. Family pizza night should be a time that is fun and without stress. As long as you keep your slices of pizza at a minimum and add spices that can burn calories, you can enjoy your meal without worrying about your diet being affected. Don’t forget to get a workout in when you get back home to keep your figure looking good! Contact a company like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza for more...

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2 Ways To Make Your Pizza Healthier

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Pizza is one of those dishes that is seems like just about everyone enjoys, but it does have a bit of a reputation for being unhealthy. However, pizza can easily be made into a healthier dish by making a few changes to the crust and toppings. Crust If you are looking to make your pizza into a healthier meal or treat, then you have to start at the beginning with the crust. You can easily make a wheat pizza crust, or even order a pizza with a wheat crust from your local pizza delivery place. This is better for you than a traditional crust because the wheat crust will provide you with fiber and protein. If you or a loved one is suffering from gluten intolerance, then finding a pizza that is healthy for you to eat can be very difficult. Many pizza crusts will use wheat, rye, or barley in their crust dough, which can cause mild discomfort or a trip to the emergency room in people with gluten allergies. The good news is that gluten-free crusts are becoming much more common. Many of the major pizza delivery chains offer gluten-free crusts, and you can even find pre-made gluten free pizzas or crusts at your local grocery store. Toppings The toppings of a pizza are another area where you can make some adjustments that will make your pizza much healthier. One of the simplest ways to deal with a lot of the unhealthy ingredients on a pizza is to simply order a vegetarian pizza, which is available from pretty much any pizza delivery place. However, if you do not want to give up the meat, you do have a few options. The first option is to replace the pepperoni with some lighter alternatives, such as chicken, chicken sausage, or turkey. Another option to make the toppings on your pizza a bit healthier is to add additional vegetables to the pizza. The best part about this is that you can add some delicious mushrooms, spinach, or other items without having to replace the meat and cheese. Contact a local pizza delivery place like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza today in order to order yourself a healthier pizza, or make the pizza yourself at home. By making some healthy adjustments to both the crust and toppings, you can make a normally unhealthy pizza into something you don’t have to feel guilty about...

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In The Black: Sports Bars Help Fans See And Hear Games Blacked Out In The Region

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Sports blackouts are no one’s favorite event, even though there’s a reason the blackouts occur. If you’re one of the fans that can’t afford to get a ticket to the actual game, though, having the game blacked out in your area is like adding insult to injury. However, if you can get to a sports bar, there are ways to try to see the game and still keep your budget intact. Satellite Sports bars often have satellite service that allows them to access channels from other areas. This means that they might be able to pick up the game from a region that isn’t included in the blackout area. Not all sports bars will be able to do this; sports leagues know about the tactic and can try to arrange with satellite services to block the transmission. Internet Another tactic that sports bars can use is an internet feed. A lot of games end up being broadcast on the internet, and if the bar has a large enough display, the game can be broadcast on that. For fans who can’t afford tickets, even the smaller display of a computer is better than nothing. Far-off TV Signals Blackout rules in Canada say that games can be blacked out in an area extending 120 kilometers from the city limits where a game is being played (or in all of Saskatchewan if the game is being played there). So another tactic is to get to a sports bar that can pick up TV signals from cities outside that area. For example, if a game is being played in a city to the west of a sports bar’s location, the bar might be able to get TV signals from a city to the east of where the bar is located. The signals would have to be strong, but it’s not that unusual to be able to get signals from stations in cities 60 kilometers away. Radio Finally, especially if the game is baseball, a sports bar with a good radio is always an option. Picture a cozy night eating pizza and drinking a good beer with friends while a baseball radio broadcast holds everyone’s attention. As old-fashioned as that can seem, it can also be a lot of fun, and it’s a totally acceptable way to get around a sports league’s blackout rules. If there’s a game coming up that’s subject to a local TV blackout, contact a good sports bar, one that preferably serves food like pizza, too. You can have a memorable evening out, imagining you’re back in the 1940s or 1950s, listening to broadcasters describe each...

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Tips for Starting a Successful Pizza Restaurant

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If you’re in the market to open a new pizza restaurant or if you’ve been thinking about taking on this venture, there are some useful tips that you can make note of in order to ensure that your business is a success. DECIDE TO GO INDEPENDENT OR FRANCHISE Do you want your pizza restaurant to be a franchise? Would you rather your restaurant be an independent one? If you choose for your restaurant to be an independent one, you will have more creative control over your business and your overall brand. However, be aware that some pizza lovers prefer to go with brands that they already know about rather than one that they have never heard of. On the flipside, if you choose to go with a franchised pizza restaurant, you will not have as much creative control, as the franchises already have their bases covered when it comes to things like that. You may get more customers with a franchised restaurant, but then again, there will also be customers who get tired of eating at the same pizzerias and will want to try something different. OFFER DELIVERY/CARRY-OUT   Almost all pizzerias in the United States offer services such as delivery and carry-out, as they are convenient for a lot of people. They may be on their way home from work or having a party with family or friends, which wouldn’t leave them with enough time to sit in the restaurant and enjoy their food. There are also customers who prefer to eat at home, but do not wish to cook anything, so they may decide to order a pizza instead. SELL MORE THAN JUST PIZZA When you’re considering the menu for your restaurant, consider offering more food items than just pizza. While many people obviously enjoy a pizza once in a while, they may be in the mood for other things, such as calzones, garlic bread, different pastas, and even french fries. Restaurants like O J’S Steak & Pizza offer many options to please more customers. By offering more food items, chances are you will increase the amount of business that you do every day. THINK ABOUT DISCOUNTS We all know that people like great deals when it comes to restaurants, and almost all pizza restaurants offer discounts to their customers on a weekly basis. However, be wary of how often you choose to offer discounts to customers in your business should you decide to do so. Too many discounts will eat away at your brand value. Consider offering discounts on a limited time only basis instead. These are just a few of the select tips that you can make note of if you’re looking to open your own pizza restaurant and make it the success that you want it to...

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