5 Unique Food Themes For An Adult Birthday

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Do you occasionally find yourself in charge of planning a birthday party for an adult? Creating a unique party for someone over the age of 21 can be a difficult task. Here are some food options that can make the party you plan one that guests will remember. 


If you’re planning a party for a meat lover, ask your caterer about setting up a BBQ bar. Offer small portions of several types of meat like steak, pork and chicken with a range of sauces guests can use to dip, dunk and enjoy their food. Choose BBQ-friendly side items like coleslaw, baked beans and fries. 

Favorite Things

Make a list of favorite foods of the person being honored and set up the perfect birthday food buffet or meal based on those choices. Take your list to a caterer to determine the best way to present these foods. You might create a unique meal based on the person’s favorite meat, side dish, salad and dessert. Alternatively, you might offer an assortment of foods your loved one enjoys. Either way, the result will be a unique and personalized experience. 

A Vacation Meal

Take a culinary trip to a place loved by the person having a birthday. Perhaps the person has a favorite vacation spot or recently took a trip of a lifetime to someplace special. Make a list of foods most often served in that area, and work with your caterer to turn it into a meal. 

Some places, like Italy or Mexico, lend themselves to being celebrated for their food. Other places might take a bit more creativity. For example, someone who enjoys Florida may like a seafood based meal while a Las Vegas enthusiast might like a buffet reminiscent of those found in a casino. 

Trip Through Time 

Try creating a meal using the person’s favorite foods from different times in life. Chances are that older relatives will remember what the person of honor used to like to eat as a toddler, child, teenager and young adult. Offer various stations with different types of foods. Include a station for kid foods like chicken fingers and mac and cheese, a teenage station with pizza and burgers and other stations pertaining to that person’s life. 

You can also add foods that were popular during the year the person was born and other significant years in the person’s life. 

Dessert Meal

Everyone knows the best part of a birthday is the cake. Offer your guests a meal made entirely of dessert, ending with a big birthday cake. 

You can throw a creative party for an adult, and food is a big part of that. Use your imagination to come up with a theme that is personalized to the person being honored and fun for everyone. 

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