Affordable Hors D’oeuvre And Drink Alternatives For Your Next Catered Event

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Hosting a catered event doesn’t mean you must throw your budget to the wind. Here are some affordable hors d’oeuvre alternatives that your caterer will surely be able to accommodate you with.

Caviar serves as a salty spread for crackers and bread. Consisting of fish eggs, caviar is a traditional French hors d’oeuvre that can bust your budget all by itself if you allow it. The finest caviars in the world sell for over $4,000 per pound.

The alternative: Kelp caviar is tasty yet affordable. It’s 100% vegetarian because it’s made from seaweed. Available for less than $100 per pound, your budget will appreciate its salty goodness.

Truffles are cherished as much for their rarity as for their musky, woody scent. Found underground in certain regions of France, certain truffles can sell for over $3500 per pound. They are used to flavor soups and stews, and pressed to coax their oil out for spreading on hors d’oeuvres such as bruschetta.

The alternative: Mushrooms are in the fungi family along with truffles. To the unassuming, mushrooms and mushroom oils make a fine alternative to their pricey cousin, the truffle. Ask your caterer to make the substitution and credit your bill with the difference.

Champagne originates from the region of France with the same name. True champagne sells for over $100 a bottle for the better brands. When you consider that a standard 750 ml bottle only pours two and a half glasses, you’d need a lot of bottles to satisfy a typical party crowd.

The alternative: Sparkling wine contains the similar effervescence and coloring that your guests might expect from a glass of champagne. Domestic sparkling wines can be had for just over $10 per bottle, making this switch a smart move for your budget.

Mixers consist of tonic water, seltzers and sodas. The name brand versions of these are priced at premium levels. In addition, your caterer may mark up the prices even more to improve their profit margin.

The alternative: Reserve the premium brands for the hard liquor bottles that your guests will most care about. For your mixers, you can safely substitute store brands and off brands without it influencing the taste of the cocktails. Off-brand mixers are usually available for at least half the price of name brand versions.

Talk to your caterer, such as Alpine Catering Ltd, about using these alternatives instead of their higher-priced counterparts. When you save a little money here and there, you’ll be able to spend more on the party elements that matter more to you.

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