Ensuring That Your Little Gremlins Act Appropriately At Fine Restaurants

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At times, your children must accompany you to a fine dining restaurant, such as Gabriel’s Restaurant Bar & Grill regardless of your reluctance to have them join you. Certain occasions that warrant this scary outing are family celebrations, a new boss who wants to meet your entire family or a vacation where you and your spouse desire to be pampered. Ensuring that your offspring act like little humans instead of noisy, annoying demons requires a bit of planning on your part.

Talk to Your Children Before the Outing

Explain to your children that the dining experience is an important occasion. Tell them they will get to dress up and be in the company of adults who are spending a lot of money to enjoy their own dining experience. Tell the kids that there may not appear to be menu selections that they like, but you are familiar with their preferences and will help them choose something that is yummy. Explain that in their life, there will be many opportunities to use the skills they practice at the restaurant.

Practice Before the Outing

Most children enjoy play-acting and will enjoy pretending they are at a fancy restaurant if you join them in the pretense. Do this at home, in the hotel room or even at a patio table beside the pool while you are on vacation. Plan this play-acting a few nights before you go to the fine dining restaurant. This gives you a chance for a do-over if your children don’t grasp the lessons well the first time.

Explain to your children that polite, quiet voices are crucial at this particular restaurant and that they must use their very best manners. Ask them to speak quietly to each other if the adult conversation is boring them. Caution them not to whine or constantly ask when you are leaving. Explain that the dinner may last longer than most restaurant experiences, but that is one of the reasons it is a special place. Ask them not to complain if they don’t care for a particular food item. Explain that many different courses are served at fine dining restaurants. Tell them to eat a few polite bites just to sample the dish and then to sit quietly while the others at the table finish the course. Assure them that will most likely enjoy the next course and won’t leave hungry.

If you are on vacation, stick some silverware from home into your luggage. This allows you to give the kids some practice with various utensils that they may not be familiar with yet, such as a seafood fork, butter knife or salad fork.

Give the Children an Incentive

If you are on vacation, plan a family-friendly activity the day after your fine dining experience or treat them to a funny movie after the dinner. Another option is to tell them that the next night they can order from their favorite pizza place or go out to eat at a restaurant where they can win tokens and get a prize after eating. Enticing them with a special reward is often more motivating than threatening to punish them if they act inappropriately.

Realize that Life Goes On

If your children do not conduct themselves in a royal manner during the meal, don’t despair. Any client, boss, friend or relative who has ever enjoyed the company of little ones knows that young children are unpredictable at best. Realize that even if the memory of their unruly behavior haunts you for years to come, the behavior is likely to be forgotten the next day by your fellow diners.

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