Plan Ahead For New Year’s Eve

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Is it your turn to host the New Year’s Eve party? Even though that’s a wonderful event, it can also be pretty overwhelming, especially since you will have just celebrated Christmas and all that comes with that wonderful holiday. By planning ahead, you can make life a lot easier for yourself.

The Invitations – Send out a “Save the Date” right after Thanksgiving. Then, around December 14th, send the actual invitation, and make it pop! Did you know you can send all kinds of things through the mail without putting them in boxes? One idea is to put your invitation in a plastic pop bottle and stuff it with colorful curling ribbon. The invitation could say something like “Pop Into Our House For New Year’s Eve!” Another idea is to put the invitation into a sealed chip bag with an address label on it and say something like, “Join Us For Chips and Dip and A Whole Lot More!” 

The Decorations – Leave your Christmas decorations up, but mix things up with specialty New Year’s Eve items. Put festive party hats and noise makers in strategic places that you will bring out in time to meet the New Year.

The Food – Hire a caterer, like Austin Gourmet! You may be surprised that hiring professionals is more affordable than people expect. By the time you figure the money of all the food you would buy, add the cost of party table ware, and factor the time you spend on preparations, you may even come out ahead, as the caterers will bring everything that is associated with the food that will be served.

  • Make your plans early, as the caterer’s calendar will fill up very quickly. When you make your first connection establish the number of people at the event, the exact date and time, and how much you want to spend. If you have a menu in mind already, the caterers will serve that. However, it’s also a great idea to ask the caterer what their company’s specialty items are, and go with those.
  • Is it a sit down, formal event, or a casual buffet? Either way, it’s smart to have finger foods ready right when your guests arrive, Don’t forget non-alcoholic beverages for those who are teetotalers. 
  • Do you want to serve traditional foods? Baked ham, roast beef or grilled chicken are good choices and they are affordable. However, it might be a lot of fun to plan around a theme. Mexican, Chinese, or Italian foods are very popular and should be well received. Instead of just offering one dessert, an assortment of decadent ones will be just perfect.

Congratulations on planning your New Year’s Eve early!

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