Taking Clients Out To Eat? Try These Five Food Trends

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If you regularly entertain business clients, you know how easy it can be to run up against the same old, same old. To wow your work associates and possibly land that big account you’ve been fishing for, you need to up the ante in the entertainment department. Try one of these five new food trends, and the business dinner will never be the same again.

Hybrid Flavor

Mixing two seemingly disparate flavors, like at Il Greco, is a big deal right now. Don’t confuse this with the fusion trend from the ’90s that left diners scratching their heads about what Hawaiian Turkish food meant. Instead, indulge in the joining of two tastes that you might never think to put together, like:

  • strawberry balsamic
  • chili grapefruit
  • maple coconut
  • chocolate basil

Highly Customizable Food

People are used to having so many options in other areas of life—why not food too? Custom-blend cuisine started with ice cream and being able to mix dozens or even hundreds of add-ons into your dessert.

Now the trend has spread to main courses, with sauces and side dishes filling the menu. If you have a client you know to be very picky or on a diet of some kind, this may be just the kind of restaurant to appeal to them.

Street Food

A natural place to try out the customization of meals is in street food. Food trucks are taking advantage of this movement and offering a million and one ways to have your dumplings, noodles, or pork sliders.

While many of these food carts are mobile, another new trend is to cluster them in one location to offer diners a huge selection without having to travel. This is truly having what you want, when you want it, where you want it.

Not only do many dining trends get their start on food trucks these days, popular chefs are getting a leg up this way too. The food truck havens attract bloggers and social media journalists who spread the word about their favorites in a new method of brand seeding.

You can take your clients to one of these food truck rows this year and see the restaurant on the cover of a national magazine the next. For folks who like to get in on the ground floor of hot, new things, this will definitely impress them.

Food Festivals

Television has spawned rock star chefs in the last decade, so it’s no surprise that food festivals of thousands are on the rise. Catch your favorite culinary idol on the main stage, and sample up-and-coming-cooks at the same time. This is another great trend for the client who loves to be on the cutting edge of pop culture.

Open Eating

Take down the barriers and bulldoze the booths—open eating is all the rage now. Enter the long dining table, bar seating, and loft-style floor plans. To go with this trend, family-style serving in large pans and trays is a natural.

While this way of eating has been acceptable across the pond for centuries, it hasn’t been done here since the turn of the 19th Century. If you want to brainstorm ideas or share blueprints over a meal, the open table is the way to do it.

Your assignment to up the engagement factor for your next business meal is to find a place in your hood where you can try out one or more of these trends. Pick up a copy of your city’s local magazine and check out the events and dining sections. You’re sure to find a hit and will likely discover your next new go-to spot in the process.

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