5 Tips For Planning A Living Remembrance Party

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Why wait until a funeral to honor someone’s life? A living remembrance party shows that special someone how much they are loved and respected—while they are still alive to enjoy it. Living remembrance ceremonies are sometimes planned when the person is suffering from a final illness, but you can also celebrate someone with many healthy years still ahead of them.

Whether you are honoring a parent or grandparent, beloved mentor, or a retired employee, these tips can help you pull off your event without a hitch.

Tip #1: Arrange a Presentation

A simple presentation touching on the reason for the party and showcasing the guest of honor’s life achievements can provide the highlight of the event. Presentation ideas include:

  • A slideshow of photos from the person’s life.

  • A short movie about the person or about a defining moment in their life.

  • A reading from the published work of the guest of honor.

  • A colleague presentation of hallmark accomplishments.

Tip #2: Make It Fun

Many people wish they could hear their own eulogies. It’s fun to find out what others would think or say about us after we are gone. If your guest of honor wouldn’t be offended or saddened by a eulogy, select a few people to deliver a speech.

Three things to keep in mind:

  1. This isn’t an opportunity to roast the person of honor. Instead, the eulogies should be uplifting and touching, with a bit of light, inoffensive humor thrown in.

  2. The speakers should mention actual memories they have of the guest of honor. Avoid empty “he was a good man” speeches, and instead paint a picture with words that shows just how he was good.

  3. Avoid bringing up past problems or sore points from the person’s life, unless the point is to show how they rose above them. Bringing up old hurts won’t make for an enjoyable party.

Tip #3: Plan a Feast

No celebration is complete without plenty of good food. A caterer is the way to go to ensure you aren’t too busy in the kitchen to enjoy the event. Using a caterer also ensures food safety, which can be vital if the guest of honor is terminally ill.

The food doesn’t have to be a formal affair. Sandwiches, soups and wraps, such as from Soups Sandwiches & More, are perfect for a lunch or informal daytime event. Simple fare that appeals to everyone, instead of fussy food, ensures the meal will be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Tip #4: Decorate to Impress

Whether you host the party at home or at an event center, dress up your surrounding. Use easels to display photographs of the guest of honor or newspaper clipping of their life. Colorful streamers can also add a festive touch. This isn’t a funeral, so use bright colors to make the atmosphere fun and relaxed.

Tip #5: Keep Memories Alive

The best parts of a living remembrance is that you are sharing and making new memories. Hire a photographer or videographer to record the party for posterity. A scrapbook or guestbook from the event can also make a lovely gift for the guest of honor.

Don’t wait until someone is gone to show them how much you care. Celebrate with them now and show how much they mean to you.

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