Plan A Fun And Successful Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

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The wedding rehearsal dinner is a celebration with just your closest inner circle before the public celebration of your wedding vows. It gives everyone a chance to relax and visit before the wedding day, and it may be one of the only times for the bride and groom to mingle with out-of-town guests. A little bit of planning can remove any stress from the dinner so you can enjoy it to the fullest.


  • Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is hosted and paid for by the groom’s parents, although modern dinners often come out of the overall wedding budget provided by both sets of parents and the couple.

  • Only the main wedding party, which participates in the rehearsal, requires an invitation. The rest of your guest list won’t be offended if they aren’t included.

  • The rehearsal and dinner may take place up to two days before the wedding. Usually, it is the night before the wedding, to ensure that out-of-town wedding party members arrive in time to attend.

  • The dinner is typically formal to semi-formal, although an informal event isn’t considered a faux pas.

Planning Steps

  1. Make a reservation. Most modern rehearsal dinners are held at a restaurant or catered. This ensures no one has any cooking or cleanup to do right before the wedding. Call the restaurant and make reservations four to six weeks in advance. For a large party, the restaurant may have an event or party room they can provide.

  2. Work out the menu. If your dinner has a strict budget, you may want to work out a menu with the restaurant before the big night. Some restaurants have party menus, which provide discounted prices or a smaller selection of entrees to choose from.

  3. Set the bar rules. If the host isn’t covering bar tabs, make this clear to both the restaurant and the guests ahead of time. Remind the waitstaff upon arrival that they will need to deliver separate bar checks to any guests partaking.

  4. Make a head count of expected attendees one week before the dinner and deliver this final count to the restaurant. Don’t forget to includes spouses and partners in the final number.

  5. Make transportation arrangements. If everyone can drive from the rehearsal to the dinner location, great, but you may need to arrange some transportation help. Whether it’s a simple carpool with designated drivers, or arranging for cab service, work out things in advance so everyone arrives at the restaurant on time.

A little bit of planning ensures you can sit back and relax with your closest friends and family before your big day. For more information, contact Sawmill Prime Rib & Steak House or a similar location.

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