About Stacy Williams

Hi there everyone! My name is Stacy Williams and I am the author and creator of the blog you are about to read! Welcome to my website; I’ve created it with you in mind. As you can probably tell from the title, my blog is dedicated to the topic of cast iron cookware.

You may have seen cast iron skillets and pans in your grandmother’s house. You see, this popular type of cookware has been around for many generations. Even after all these years, cast iron cookware is still being used in households all around the world.

Do you know why cast iron cookware is so popular? Do you know how cast iron pots and pans are actually made, and what materials are used? What about the durability of the material? Finally, do you know how to properly care for and maintain your cast iron cookware?

Just like yourself, I also wanted to learn more about cast iron cookware. So I’ve done my homework and have thoroughly researched the topic. I’m just an ordinary housewife and mother, but I love to cook, you see. Over the last decade, I’ve worked in the food industry in some capacity or other.

Currently, my husband and I own a restaurant. As you can imagine, much of the cookware used in the cooking stations are cast iron. The cooks prefer it for its efficiency, and we prefer it for its long lasting reliability. Anyway, read on to discover fun little tidbits and useful information on cast iron cookware. And thanks again for reading!