Cast Iron Cookware Care

If you’re thinking of buying some cast iron cookware, you need to know how to care for it properly. The care of cast iron cookware is not the same as caring for other types of cookware. You need to consider certain factors, such as preserving and protecting the seasoning of your cast iron.

How to Clean Your Cast Iron Cookware

You may have heard the advice – or warnings – stating never to use detergent or dishwashing liquid on your cast iron cookware. While this is partially good advice, you shouldn’t refrain altogether from using a mild dish soap. Just do not scrub or scour your cast iron pots and pans. Most especially, do not make a habit of using soap pads. This will strip the seasonings. Furthermore, don’t run your cast iron through the dishwasher. It’s best to clean the pots and pans by hand.
If your cast iron cookware get s especially greasy and grimy, go ahead and use some grease-cutting dish soap on it. Use a sponge rather than an abrasive scrubby-thing. If you’re concerned about stripping the seasoning from your cast iron cookware, it’s not a big deal. If this happens, simply re-season the cookware.
To do so, gently rub some canola cooking oil onto the surface. Vegetable shortening works well, also. You then should “bake” the cookware in the oven for approximately 45 minutes or so. Se the oven to about 375-400 degrees F. Do not use the cookware until it is completely cool. There now, wasn’t that easy?

Maintenance Tips

So then, how do you maintenance the integrity of your cast iron cookware? To keep the quality top-notch, you must treat your cast iron right. Obviously, you don’t want to clean it too harshly by scouring your pots and pans. Instead you’ll preserve the seasonings. How? By periodically wiping it down with some cooking oil. Store your pots in low humidity, free from dust and smoke.